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Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
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Homes for Sale in Lake Charles
If you're looking for Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, know that Guidry Realty Group can help you find homes for sale in Lake Charles and in all of the surrounding areas.

Jody Guidry is the proud owner of Guidry Realty Group, which is a "Veteran Owned and Operated Business" in Lake Charles. Jody has served in the United States Army Reserves for over 20 years and is a combat veteran with two tours in Iraq. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Jody is a man who integrates honor and integrity into all of his personal and business dealings!

Regardless of your specific real estate needs, Guidry Realty Group can definitely provide the expertise to help you to either buy that dream home or sell an existing property. Simply give them a call today to learn more about any of their residential and commercial real estate services.

It's a well-known fact that residential properties are going to be in high demand with the influx of families during the next few years due to the creation of new jobs in the Lake Area. This might be the ideal time to consider selling your home and utilizing your equity to buy or build a new home. This would be a great time to take advantage of this golden opportunity before the prices begin to soar! Call us today and schedule your Free Consultation.

If you are thinking about selling your home, you will definitely want to know the current value of your home and what type of expenses are involved in the sale of your property. Guidry Realty Group will be more than happy to furnish you with all of that information without any obligation on your part. A few minutes is all it takes!
Jody is also a Building Contractor and the respected owner of JG Development and Construction, LLC; which is licensed with the Louisiana Contractors Board for Commercial and Residential Construction. Jody was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Louisiana. Without a doubt, Jody is one of the most well-regarded home builders in the Lake Area. Quality work guaranteed!

If you're considering the possibilities of building a new home, simply click on the button below to learn what you can expect from Jody if you select him as your home building contractor.

"This Could Be Your New Home"
Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
Homes for Sale in Lake Charles, LA
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Serving Lake Charles, LA
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